Peggy Ler

Peggy takes care of the sales and marketing operations for the global market.  Prior to joining Progira, she was in the medical technology field for over 10 years.  Peggy thrives in working outside her comfort zone. With an educational background in healthcare, she took the leap of faith, left the public sector to join the medical technology industry in 2009.   Then, Peggy held marketing roles with regional responsibilities over Asia Pacific, Middle East, and North Africa in multi-national companies. She loves the dynamic working environment of marketing and sales. A Singaporean by origin, she has now put behind her previous life in the healthcare industry, to drive the businesses of Progira internationally. She looks forward to introducing the Progira’s cutting-edge solutions all over the world.

Peggy is currently based in Luleå, Sweden. She is bilingual in English and Chinese, hope to master Swedish soon, improve Spanish, and perhaps speak French one day. Outside of work, Peggy is a passionate thinker, and avid photographer with particular interests in conceptual, as well as, fine art photography.