Per Mellberg

Per has more than 25 years of experience from the broadcast sector in management and board positions, mainly in the areas of R&D and strategic business development. Per joined Swedish Telecom Radio in 1985, responsible for development of new broadcast systems, i.e. NICAM TV stereo, FM subcarrier systems and digital broadcasting. Director of the R&D Department at Swedish Operator Teracom, from the company foundation in 1992. In this capacity Per also was responsible for radio network planning and frequency management. From 2001 responsible for the Strategic Business Development at Teracom.

In 2005 Per moved to PROGIRA® as Market&Sales Director and since then has been involved in many DTT planning and implementation projects in Europe and worldwide as well as studies related to the digital dividend after analogue TV switch-off.

Per has been deeply involved in the development, standardization (ITU, ETSI, DVB..) and implementation of digital broadcasting (DVB and DAB) since late 80ths. Member of the DVB SB (Steering Board) since the organization started in 1993 as well as member of ETSI SB. He is one of the founders of the international digital TV group DigiTAG and there active in the SB and as module Chairman for commercial, technical and regulatory issues. Per has been acting as expert in many parliamentary initiated groups for implementation of DVB-T and DAB in Sweden, including business requirements and regulation aspects. He has also been active in the Swedish telecom sector and the public R&D support. Since mid 90th he has been very much involved in the convergence of digital broadcast and mobile telecom, in the EU R&D framework as well as in areas related to the regulatory framework, the business models and the implementation guidelines.

Per holds an M Sc. EE (Electronic Engineering) from the Technical University of Linköping.