Frequency Planning

PROGIRA welcomes Thai PBS to the PROGIRA plan family

PROGIRA and our partner in Thailand, International Research Corporation Public Company Limited (IRCP), are happy to announce that Thai broadcaster Thai… Read more

ITU and NBTC increase number of PROGIRA® plan licenses

PROGIRA is proud to announce that International Telecommunication Union (ITU) together with Office of The National Broadcasting… Read more

Brazilian customer base extended

TV TEM and CNT have joined the rapidly growing family of PROGIRA® plan users trained by PROGIRA® academy.  The training course was conducted… Read more

Hot Topic: Time Frequency Slicing

Time Frequency Slicing, TFS, is a technique where a number of DTT frequency channels are combined into a wider “channel”, offering… Read more

The importance of Site Survey

In radio network planning projects it is more of a rule than an exception that the given site coordinates are… Read more

Four important news in Rec. ITU-R P.1546-5

Rec. ITU–R P.1546 is a notorious radiowave propagation model, used for point-to-area predictions for frequency and network planning of terrestrial services in… Read more

Checking the frequency plan for broadcast networks

There are many aspects on checking the frequency plan for broadcast networks. The network has to fulfill many requirements such… Read more

Frequency Planning

Switching to DVB-T2 and also changing your network design at same time?

If you are introducing DVB-T2 in your network and want to have a smooth transition it is better to do… Read more

Frequency Planning