Infrastructure Investment Optimization

PROGIRA welcomes Thai PBS to the PROGIRA plan family

PROGIRA and our partner in Thailand, International Research Corporation Public Company Limited (IRCP), are happy to announce that Thai broadcaster Thai… Read more

ATSC 3.0 implemented in PROGIRA® plan

The new US television broadcast standard ATSC®3.0 is now implemented in PROGIRA® plan planning software The ATSC 3.0 US digital television candidate… Read more

PROGIRA® academy DVB-T2 training at HTV

HTV in Vietnam currently provides DVB-T2 transmissions from two sites and the plan is to expand the network into a… Read more

PROGIRA and Ericsson implements DTT network in Armenia

PROGIRA was selected by Ericsson for assisting in the implementation of a DTT network in Armenia. In accordance with Geneva 06… Read more

DVB-T2 network design training by PROGIRA® academy

In conjunction with the PROGIRA® plan software training held at VTV the PROGIRA® academy also conducted a one week training in DVB-T2… Read more

Growing demand for optimization of infrastructure investments

In the coming years, we see a rapidly growing need for large investment in DTT (Digital Terrestrial TV) networks worldwide. Read more

Transmission planning with fixed micro-wave radio link

If you are planning a wireless network, for broadcasting or other services, you may also need to do planning of… Read more

Are you preparing a DTT roll out?

Are you preparing for roll out of a digital terrestrial TV network? If so you will save a lot of… Read more