Growing demand for optimization of infrastructure investments

In the coming years, we see a rapidly growing need for large investment in DTT (Digital Terrestrial TV) networks worldwide. Many countries and operators are still in the ASO (Analogue Switch Over) phase, in the process of phasing out analogue TV and introducing DTT.

In other markets, there will be a need for large investments to adapt DTT services to a decreasing   broadcast spectrum (Digital dividend) and/or upgrade DVB-T to DVB-T2 networks.

In all these cases it will be crucial to optimize the infrastructure investment to meet the cost requirement as well as service & operation requirements. Based on these requirements the network architecture will need to be specified from the central head end to the primary distribution and transmitter/site transmission all the way to the reception and monitoring systems.

The main parts of the cost for DTT rollout are associated to transmitter infrastructure. This means that network and frequency planning will play an important role in the Network Architecture layout, in order to optimize the cost and quality of the network and save time in the implementation phase.

PROGIRA can provide solutions for optimizing the Network Architecture chain, regardless of the transmission system in use; ISDB-T, ATSC, DTMB or DVB-T/T2. Some of the questions that can be addressed in our studies or during our PROGIRA® academy workshops are:

  • How can the operating costs of your digital terrestrial broadcast networks be reduced?
  • Are your digital terrestrial radio and TV networks performing at their limits?
  • If not already done, how should you plan your migration, for example, from DVB-T to DVB-T2?
  • How to make your digital broadcast network design match the spectrum allocation and availability?
  • How do you move all our program channels to HD?
  • How do you measure and present the reception quality in your networks?