Major upgrade of PROGIRA® plan

PROGIRA® plan version 6.1 is a major upgrade that will boost our customer’s productivity with many new features and improvements. This release includes Broadcast aeronautical compatibility calculations according to ITU-R Recommendation SM.1009-1 and major upgrades in the ATSC 3.0 Network planning module and in the frequency planning support according to the US FCC rules.

A selection of other new features and updates:

  • Major upgrade of the AM module
  • Detailed coverage using the Anatel 1546 propagation model
  • Gapfiller (On-channel repeater) transmitters can temporary be made synchronous in a System dependent summation
  • Rescale Fs can be performed using Tx Power, Combiner loss, Feeder loss as well as Antenna gain

Download Release Notes for a full view of the release

Installation instructions and licens upgrade procedures are available on our Support page