PROGIRA® solutions are becoming de facto standard in South America

Hot Topic: Time Frequency Slicing

Time Frequency Slicing, TFS, is a technique where a number of DTT frequency channels are combined into a wider “channel”, offering… Read more

RFS upgrades to PROGIRA® plan

Yet another important international player chooses PROGIRA®solutions. Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) is a global designer… Read more

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EI Towers has chosen PROGIRA® plan for DVB-T2 planning

EI Towers in Italy has become one of PROGIRA´s recent new customers. They have chosen PROGIRA® plan software for… Read more

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Radio Television Hong Kong new PROGIRA® plan customer in Asia

PROGIRA together with our partner in Hong Kong, Broadcast Technology Limited (BTL), is happy to announce that … Read more

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700 MHz mobile allocation vs DTT network quality

Our Technical Director Mats Ek gave a presentation at SET in Sao Paolo discussing the upcoming challenges to achieve DTT… Read more

BNE report on network topologies and spectrum efficiency

The report is a study performed by PROGIRA, comparing network topologies and spectrum efficiency for high tower and low tower broadcast networks commissioned… Read more

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PROGIRA® academy in Amman

For the sixth time PROGIRA® academy will hold a one week DVB-T/T2 planning course on behalf of ASBU (Arabic State Broadcasting Union). Read more

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PROGIRA® academy in Manila

ABS-CBN, the major commercial television network company in the Philippines, has purchased licenses of PROGIRA® plan. In early May the staff… Read more

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PROGIRA and Ericsson implements DTT network in Armenia

PROGIRA was selected by Ericsson for assisting in the implementation of a DTT network in Armenia. In accordance with Geneva 06… Read more

DVB-T2 network design training by PROGIRA® academy

In conjunction with the PROGIRA® plan software training held at VTV the PROGIRA® academy also conducted a one week training in DVB-T2… Read more