Four important news in Rec. ITU-R P.1546-5

PRESS RELEASE - ITU and the NBTC also choose PROGIRA® plan

PROGIRA is proud to announce that International Telecommunication Union (ITU) together with Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission… Read more

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Checking the frequency plan for broadcast networks

There are many aspects on checking the frequency plan for broadcast networks. The network has to fulfill many requirements such… Read more

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Why the Choice of T2-Frame Length is Essential for DVB-T2

You want to use optimal DVB-T2 system parameters. Here’s why the choice of T2-Frame length is important. Before diving into… Read more

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DVB-T2 FECFRAME – What is it?

FECFRAME is a fundamental DVB-T2 system parameter. There are two FECFRAME values: long (64 800 bits) and short (16 200 bits). FEC… Read more

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An Introduction to the Whats, Whys, and Hows of DVB-T2 Scattered Pilot Patterns

Today’s most popular digital wireless systems – for example WLAN, digital terrestrial broadcast systems, 4G cellular networks, etc. – are… Read more

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Transmission planning with fixed micro-wave radio link

If you are planning a wireless network, for broadcasting or other services, you may also need to do planning of… Read more

DVB-T2 and Large SFNs – Some Pros and Cons

DVB-T2 is today by far, the most advanced digital terrestrial television (DTT) system. It is much more flexible, robust, and… Read more

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Three (3) Reasons to Plan a Broadcast Network

Quality Reasons By a careful network planning, operators can provide their customers a robust and quality assured network. In an… Read more

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Are you preparing a DTT roll out?

Are you preparing for roll out of a digital terrestrial TV network? If so you will save a lot of… Read more

Switching to DVB-T2 and also changing your network design at same time?

If you are introducing DVB-T2 in your network and want to have a smooth transition it is better to do… Read more

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