PROGIRA is gaining ground in the U.S.

The PROGIRA partner Acrodyne announces first sales of PROGIRA® plan software to US customers.


February 7, 2017 – Baltimore, Maryland. Acrodyne Services is pleased to announce the supply of PROGIRA® plan broadcast network planning software, with ATSC 3.0 and 1.0 options, to the first two US customers.

Merrill Weiss of the Merrill Weiss Group and David Sanderford of MARSAND selected PROGIRA® plan with the clear intention of being prepared for the expected adoption of ATSC 3.0 by the FCC in the second half of 2017. The software includes CRC-Predict and other propagation models which have proven to be very effective in predicting true reception probabilities.

“We are delighted to have two such well-respected engineering companies select PROGIRA® plan for their ATSC 3.0 planning needs” said Andy Whiteside, General Manager of Acrodyne Services and President of Dielectric.

“They join Sinclair Broadcast Group in using this advanced planning and design tool for ATSC 3.0 deployment, with a particular interest in its application to the design of Single Frequency Networks” he continued.