TV5 Network in Philippines goes digital with PROGIRA

TV5 goes digital with PROGIRA

As one of the fastest growing terrestrial channel in the Philippines, TV5 Network Inc, also known as The 5 Network or simply 5, has begun the digital shift to ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial).  This latest development is to meet the migration plans agreed in 2007, and most importantly, offer their viewers high-definition digital TV services. The 5 Network is one of the largest public broadcasters in the Philippines, with  TV services available in most parts of the country.  We are extremely proud to have 5 Network chosen PROGIRA® plan, PROGIRA’s flagship broadcast network planning software, to optimize their coverage of the ISDB-T networks across the Philippines during their process of digital roll-out.  Philippines has adopted the ISDB-T standards since 2011. Several countries, such as Brazil, and Venezuela, also uses the ISDB-T standard.  Since a significant number of PROGIRA plan users are from Brazil, it is an excellent planning tool which is well-adapted to the ISDB-T standard, as well as to the Philippines.

Aimed to achieve broadcasters’ network coverage requirements with accurate network coverage simulations and interference detection, PROGIRA is confident that The 5 Network’s choice of PROGIRA plan over their previous analogue planning software, will fast-track the network digitization process.  With many broadcasters adopting SFN (single frequency networks) due to its many advantages, The 5 Network’s network planners will definitely benefit from PROGIRA plan’s SFN optimization features when designing and implementing SFN. Early in March this year, PROGIRA has already conducted a three-day training with TV5’s broadcast planning experts within the premises of The 5 Network in Metro Manila.  This is a joint effort with 90 degrees North – PROGIRA’s partner in the Philippines – who are instrumental in making the training a success. The training which included coverage mapping exercises with real data, SFN optimization and RF planning simulations, will give broadcast network planners of The 5 Network a great headstart in their digital roll-out strategy.

PROGIRA training in TV5