We welcome Peggy to the Sales & Marketing Team

Peggy Ler is our latest addition to our team at PROGIRA in Luleå.  She currently takes care of sales and marketing operations for the global market.  Before joining PROGIRA, she was in the field medical technology for over ten years.  She joined PROGIRA from Medtronic-Covidien, where she spent 18 months introducing, then, a newly acquired cutting-edge medical technology to Asia.  Before that, she spent almost five years in ResMed where she amassed marketing, business development and adult training experiences within Asia Pacific, Middle East, and North Africa.

Peggy is not afraid of pushing her boundaries. She believes the only constant in life is change.  Thus, one needs to be always ready to transform positively in a changing world. In 2009, she took a corporate leap after working several years in the public sector saving lives. In fact, she had a background in respiratory physiotherapy and five years of experience working in the critical healthcare environment.  She knows how to keep one breathing and the heart beating, as long as she’s alive. Her interest in the technology development for saving lives brought her to the medical industry.  There, she learned the inner workings of a commercial environment. Over the years, she has many mentors, supervisors, colleagues, and friends to thank for all the knowledge she has accumulated from her previous roles.

She grew up in Singapore and spent four years in Columbus, Ohio where she received an undergraduate education under an overseas scholarship granted from one of  Singapore’s top hospital. She graduated with Bachelor of Science and Magna cum Laude from The Ohio State University.  Passionate about education and hungry for knowledge, she decided to further her studies in health sciences from one of the best medical schools in the world – Karolinska Institute in Sweden. That is how she came to Sweden.  She earned a Master of Science degree in Global Health.  Unwittingly, during her pursuit of education, she fell in love in Sweden and the Swedish way of life.  She took another leap of faith and moved to Luleå to live with her partner.  As she loves the dynamic working environment of marketing and sales, she now puts behind her previous life in the healthcare industry, to drive the businesses of PROGIRA internationally.  She considers herself lucky to be part of the team in PROGIRA, as it is a company born in Luleå and the pride for the people of Norrbotten.

Peggy is bilingual in English and Chinese, hope to master Swedish soon, improve Spanish, and perhaps speak French one day. Outside of work, she continues to have a profound interest in global health issues and regularly keeps herself updated in this arena.  She is also a passionate thinker, and avid photographer with particular interests in conceptual, as well as, fine art photography.


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