Introducing PROGIRA manager

Streamlines the management of your spectrum with maximal operational- and cost- efficiency

PROGIRA® manager is your ultimate spectrum management system, which automates the everyday tasks of radio frequency administration and regulation. Take control of the processes in spectrum management to meet evolving regulatory, technological, operational, and customer requirements.  One size does not fit all for spectrum management systems.  Therefore,  our systems are designed with a strong foundation that enable customizations, so that when ‘you order, we build’.  We avoid reinventing the wheel, and aim to integrate all existing systems on a single platform.  Therefore we are able to offer you integrated solutions with minimal downtime and costs. Further,  PROGIRA manager is tailored for your requirements, and designed to ensure future growth while simplifying your journey to successful spectrum management at the same time.

  • 01. Cartography
  • 02. Spectrum Engineering
  • 03. Automated Spectrum Management System
  • 04. Database Management System


Work with the world’s leaders when it comes to cartography

Our cartographic solutions are based on global leading GIS system – Esri’s ArcGIS.   ArcGIS softwares will be used for the storage, processing and display of geographic data and terrain/topography data.  It supports multiple coordinate systems and enables asynchronous operation.  ArcGIS Desktop is a suite of integrated applications, including ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcGlobe, ArcScene, and ArcToolbox.

PROGIRA® manager uses ArcGIS Runtime to expose users to the full capabilities of the ArcGIS platform on multiple devices.  It enables the display and animation of large numbers of map features while maintaining the smooth feel of a native application.  Furthermore, users benefit from advanced cartography, such as beautiful, detailed and geodetically accurate symbology, including military symbols, and symbols that rotate.

ArcGIS is an open and widely used GIS platform that makes geographical presentations more user-friendly and eases the addition of new presentation formats and GIS applications. We can offer high quality topographical and terrain mapping data from the world leading map suppliers at a competitive rate.

Spectrum Engineering

Fast-Track your Technical Analysis

Technology is the backbone to our design.  Therefore, with PROGIRA® manager, be equipped with all the tools required for detailed technical analysis. All  engineering analysis functions are performed by  PROGIRA® plan, used by network and frequency planners in more than 50 countries all around the world.   PROGIRA® plan, an integral part of the PROGIRA® manager system,  consists of a Base Module and four add-on components for performing specific functions:

  • Frequency Planning Module (for compatibility and frequency coordination)
  • Network Planning Module (detailed coverage planning)
  • Network Verification Module (measurement presentation and analysis)
  • Microwave Link Planning Module

The engineering analysis functions within PROGIRA® manager accelerates your spectrum planning for your broadcasting, mobile, fixed, and satellite services, as well as for radio amateurs.  We ensure you coordinate and optimize your use of frequencies with maximum efficiency, while complying with international regulations and bilateral agreements.


Automated Spectrum Management System

Automates each and every step of your entire spectrum management process.

The spectrum management system supports the full automation of processes during the entire spectrum management lifecycle, from application. frequency planning, allotment, allocation, frequency assignment, authorization of licenses to monitoring. Comprehensive automation of multiple, parallel, overlapping processes helps saves time, resources and reduce costly errors.


Database Management System

Secure your data while ensuring compliance

PROGIRA manager consolidates several databases into one. Central to the design of the system is to ensure you can build and deploy your workflows confidently, through enhanced security and compliance to national or international regulatory frameworks. To maintain the integrity of the data, we have defense mechanisms in place to protect your data, therefore investments on your spectrum.  We achieve this with with triple ‘A’,

  • Access Control: manage user roles and rights to performed specific actions based on roles with active triple lines of defense mechanisms in place
  • Automatic tracking: monitors every user actions, automatically logs data changes, station versions, licensing actions etc.
  • Active authentication: multiple authorization modes possible when there is any violation, systems will actively cancel actions

we also offer Advanced Station Monitoring, from which station versions and all related processes are being tracked, for instance:

  • International coordination process
  • Licensing actions
  • Frequency assignment notification



We offer maintenance contracts for all our products, including PROGIRA® manager – PROGIRA® maintenance.  Maintenance contracts provides technical support, software updates and a help desk.  If you have questions or any trouble with PROGIRA® manager contact us directly at