Digital Cartography

Reliable geographical databases and other datadases such as population and building data is very important to get high-quality network plans. PROGIRA® will help you understand what is required by the geographical databases in order to be able to make a reliable broadcast network plan.

What we do

If you are a Network Operator

  • How do you obtain the digital cartography that is needed for planning and visualization of my terrestrial networks?
  • How can your currently used digital cartography be integrated into PROGIRA software tools?
  • How can your business benefit from the unique solution, and the added values that is the result of this, to use a radio network planning tool that collaborates with the world leading supplier of GIS software – ESRI’s ArcGIS?


Other customer categories are Associations, Broadcasters, Consulting Companies, Frequency Adminstration, Investment Companies, Suppliers and System Integrators.

The main product PROGIRA® plan is the most advanced GIS suite on the market, as being powered by ESRI ArcGIS.

PROGIRA® provides

  • 01. Strategic consulting
  • 02. Products
  • 03. Services
  • 04. PROGIRA®academy

Strategic consulting

Examples of completed assignments:

  • Integration of population density map for the Philippines
  • Integration of high resolution (5 m) building data for Hong Kong



PROGIRA®plan is based on the ArcGIS platform by ESRI. The open ArcGIS platform makes it easy to integrate different map formats and to add new applications. The platform enables a holistic approach to your business by offering add-on modules and specific functionality for covering different business phases from market analysis, network planning, engineering and construction, to service and customer care.

Examples of functions in PROGIRA®plan that are boosted by ArcGIS:

  • View your geographical data in Google Earth
  • Geopraphical analysis and post processing of data bases
  • Customised presentations


  • Integration of clients currently used maps
  • New digital maps for different sources
  • Review of map quality

More information can be found on the specific website of ArcGIS.


PROGIRA® offers a number of training courses and seminars. Each course or seminar can be held at your site, at a PROGIRA® site or via virtual meeting sessions. Please contact PROGIRA for further information.

Network and frequency planning- Digital TV systems

Duration: 5 days

PROGIRA® coordinator in Digital Cartography

Patrik Engstedt

Patrik has more than 15 years of experience from working in the Broadcast industry in senior positions within network planning and frequency coordination. 1996 Patrik started working at Teracom, first as a developer of frequency coordination software. The software was used to facilitate the frequency allocation of digital-TV and digital radio in Sweden and other European countries. From… Read More

Some of our clients


Frequency Administration

Thai PBS





Frequency Administration