Frequency Planning

In the shared frequency spectrum you face a number of challenges. We can facilitate the introduction of new frequencies and guide you through the international frequency coordination agreements. Our experts have long-term experience implementing frequency plans that meet the requirements in national and international agreements.

What we do

If you are a Frequency Administration

  • How can you regulate the limited radio spectrum to be used as efficiently as possible and in the same time provide the maximum benefit to the users?
  • How can the radio spectrum be released in the most efficient way after the analogue switch off?

If you are a Network Operator

  • How can you verify that our broadcast networks follow agreed rules in the radio license conditions?

  • Does your new terrestrial network implementation comply with bilateral agreements?
  • Is your new terrestrial network implementation in agreement with the GE06 plan?
  • What impacts will the introduction of a new network have on existing networks in neighbouring countries? What limitations are needed? How do you utilize the scarce resource of spectrum optimally?

Other customer categories are Associations, Broadcasters, Consulting Companies, Investment Companies, Suppliers and System Integrators.

Here you see a typical view of interference conformity check.

PROGIRA® provides

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Examples of completed assignments:

  • new DTT  frequency plan for Malaysia
  • GE-06 compatibility calculation for a new network plan for NPO, the Dutch nationwide public broadcaster


PROGIRA® plan is an investment that will help you lower capital expenditures by increasing the accuracy of the planning and roll-out of your radio network. This enables maximum efficiency and usage of your network elements. PROGIRA® plan facilitates your ambition to maintain network coverage at the required level at all times.


  • Frequency Plans
  • Coverage Maps
  • Interference Studies
  • SFN Optimization
  • Courses


PROGIRA® offers a number of training courses and seminars. Each course or seminar can be held at your site, at a PROGIRA® site or via virtual meeting sessions. Please contact PROGIRA for further information.

DVB-T2 planning and network design

Duration: 5 days

Network and frequency planning Digital TV systems

Duration: 5 days

T-DAB+ System, network and frequency planning

Duration: 4 days

Frequency planning and coordination using the PROGIRA® plan software

Duration: 3 days

PROGIRA® coordinator in Frequency Planning

Kestutis Lumbis

Kęstutis has more than 10 years of experience in broadcast network planning and international frequency coordination from working in the regulatory authority of Lithuania. From 1998, he was regularly involved in latest technologies, in the broadcasting field and participated in several Regional Radiocommunication Conferences where he took an active part developing procedures and criteria for international frequency coordination… Read More

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