Network Coverage

PROGIRA® provides the cutting edge skill set and experience needed to get the best possible network coverage. With our state-of-the-art network planning tool PROGIRA® plan we can easily evaluate multiple scenarios. With our access to geographical data, population data and propagation models we can guarantee reliable network coverage studies.

What we do

If you are a Broadcaster

How many people can listen to your radio program? How do you present the service area coverage to your customers?

If you are a Network operator

Do you have a better site location to offer to the service providers if they want to optimize their population coverage?

If you are an Investment Company

Do you need to modify the company’s broadcast infrastructure to reach 99% of the population in the country?

If you are a Supplier

Do your antenna solutions give good area coverage?

Other customer types are  Consulting Companies, Frequency Administrations and System Integrators.


About Network Coverage

The integrated 3D visualization tool can be used to view large amounts of data on a globe surface. The red colored areas represents the noise limited coverage for a DVB-T2 Single Frequency Network (SFN) in Albania.

In this case the mountainous terrain results in great limitations on the coverage.


PROGIRA® provides

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  • 03. SERVICE


We will help you in defining the network coverage critera and digital system parameter settings. We can integrate high resolution geographical databases including population data for in-deep coverage studies. Presentation of coverage studies can be made in many different ways, throught interactive PROGIRA®reach web application, Google Earth or on hard copies.


  • Transmitter data for the network
  • Coverage Maps
  • Population Coverage
  • Adaptation and Integration of Maps



Network planning module, Frequency planning module, Network verification module. Learn more

Showing coverage maps as a web service to end consumers. Learn more


  • Adaptation and Integration of Maps
  • Coverage Maps
  • Population Coverage
  • Web Services
  • Field Measurements
  • Receiver Measurements
  • and Training Courses – see PROGIRA academy


PROGIRA® academy offers a number of training courses and seminars. Each course or seminar can be held at your site, at a PROGIRA® site or via virtual meeting sessions. Please contact PROGIRA for further information.

PROGIRA® plan basic user training

Duration: 3 – 5 days

PROGIRA® plan advanced user training course

Duration: 5 days

DVB-T2 training

Duration: 5 days

DVB-T2 planning and network design

Duration: 5 days

T-DAB+ System, network and frequency planning

Duration: 4 days


PROGIRA® coordinator in Network Coverage

Patrik Engstedt

Patrik has more than 15 years of experience from working in the Broadcast industry in senior positions within network planning and frequency coordination. 1996 Patrik started working at Teracom, first as a developer of frequency coordination software. The software was used to facilitate the frequency allocation of digital-TV and digital radio in Sweden and other European countries. From… Read More

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