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To build professional spectrum planning solutions that empower clients to optimize value and overcome challenges in their business.

Our Story


PROGIRA traced its roots to Teracom AB – the national broadcast network operator in Sweden. It began, in Luleå in the north of Sweden, where a team of engineers in Teracom AB developed solutions that helped to address the numerous questions, and issues they faced in planning and managing broadcast networks. A broadcast network planning software was developed in Teracom AB, which has made digital rollout in Sweden a breeze. The need for broadcast network planning softwares outside of Teracom AB became strikingly evident, as countries all over the world began their digital rollout strategies. In 2003, four engineers in Teracom who were instrumental in developing the broadcast network planning software went on to become the founders of PROGIRA Radio Communications AB. 

Since 2013, PROGIRA is part of Ografy Group.

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