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PROGIRA plan - Basic

Training on Spectrum Planning

This user training course provides theoretical and practical knowledge for professional network and frequency planning. After completing this course, delegates will be fully prepared to use and take advantage of the professional radio frequency planning software - PROGIRA plan in their daily work.


3 - 5 days



Digital Television Network

Planning and Design

Radio-Frequency Network Planning and Design

A customizable five-day course in network and frequency planning, network design, network design and measurements.


5 Days



Custom Training

Spectrum Engineering and, or Management

Customize a training program based on your requirements. We offer trainers who are experts in radio communication technology with rich on-field experiences, especially in the spectrum engineering and management domains. We can also help you design a training program targeted to your needs.


Customized to Requirements



PROGIRA® academy

We Let Knowledge Take the Lead!

Training and development is the cornerstone for tomorrow’s leaders of radiofrequency network planning and spectrum management.  This is even more true today in a highly competitive and fast-evolving technological landscape.  Learning continuously is essential not just to maintain an edge in the industry, but to grow professionally.  At PROGIRA® academy, we offer a range of training courses and workshops around the world, so that you have the knowledge necessary to make strategic and effective decisions for your networks and spectrum.

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