Getting Started with ArcGIS PRO

Here’s a quick, video guide to help you get started with Esri’s ArcGIS PRO in PROGIRA plan: 

Step 1: Start PROGIRA plan Pro

Double click on PROGIRA plan Pro icon to begin.  If you have ArcGIS Pro installed, a PROGIRA plan Pro icon will be visible on your desktop automatically.

Step 2: Create a new template

On the ArcGIS Pro Main menu, click on ’Start without a template’. This is particularly useful if you are starting your first projects using ArcGIS Pro.

Step 3: Enabled PROGIRA plan extension

To check that the PROGIRA plan extension is enabled, select ’Project’, located on the first tab at the top left corner of the page. Check under Licensing > External Extensions


Step 4: Locate PROGIRA plan menu in the ArcGIS Pro interface. 

Like in ArcMAP, all PROGIRA plan functions are available in PROGIRA plan menu.

Step 5: Convert ArcMAP  PROGIRA plan project to an ArcGIS Pro Project.

In the PROGIRA plan tab, select ’Show PROGIRA plan menu’ on the top left hand side of the screen > Project > Open. Choose the PROGIRA plan project you would like to open.

Step 6: Adding a 3D view

Select View > Convert. From the drop down menu select To Local Scene.

Linking views with 3D view as the primary view.

Step 7: Tilting and zoomin in the 3D view

Activate the Explore tool by clicking on the Show Full Control button , represented by an arrow pointing up.

To zoom: Click on wheel button and rotate the wheel to zoom in and out. Drag with the right mouse button to zoom in and out continuously.

To tilt: Click on the wheel button and drag to tilt your view or rotate around the point you clicked.

Step 8: Adding Basemaps or data

Select View > Catalog Pane. The Catalog menu opens on the screen.  To add maps available on the web, select Portal > Living Atlas.  You can then search the type of data you want in the search bar below.  Click on the result and select Add and Open to add what the data you need.

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