Know your Network Coverage Professionally

Knowing and optimizing the network is an essential part of managing any successful networks.  With the right knowledge, technologies and experience; PROGIRA helps you extend your service areas, as well as the quality of your services to your clients, efficiently and cost-effectively.

 We Answers Questions that Matter to You

We answer the essential questions on your network , so as to identify bottlenecks and unveil potential opportunities.

Are your listeners or viewers experiencing high quality services?

Do you wonder if there is interference in your network?

Do you know how many people can receive your services?

How do you present your network coverage to the stakeholders and clients?

Is your network achieving the necessary coverage?

Do you have a better site location to offer to the service providers if they want to optimize their population coverage?

Is your network reaching 99% of the population?

Do you need to modify the company’s broadcast infrastructure to reach 99% of the population in the country?

Do your antenna solutions give good area coverage?

Are you offering your clients accurate coverage predictions of your antenna solutions?


We help you define the network coverage criteria and digital system parameter settings.  High resolution geographical databases and, or population data can be integrated for in-depth coverage studies. Select from a variety of ways to present your coverage studies, for example, through interactive web application – PROGIRA®reach web, in 2d, 3D, Google Earth, or on hard copies.

  • Coverage Maps
  • Population Coverage
  • Adaptation and Integration of Maps
  • Coverage Maps
  • Population Coverage
  • Web Services – PROGIRA reach
  • Field Measurements
  • Receiver Measurements
  • Training Courses – PROGIRA academy

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