PROGIRA maintenance

Protect you radio-frequency network planning investments and maximize value from our software solutions with our maintenance contracts – PROGIRA mantainance.  It offers dedicated technical support to help you resolve any issues, problems or questions you have with our software. Besides, you will be assured to receive regularly software updates timely and consistently to ensure the best experience and uninterrupted operation of our software.

Comprehensive Technical Support

We are here to provide remote technical support and assistance in the use of our software. Let us know if you encounter any difficulties or questions you have with regards to our software.  We will diagnose and correct any problems connected to the use of our solutions.  We ensure you experience uninterrupted spectrum planning or management operations.

Software Updates

We are proactive in gathering feedback and logging issues from our users.  Therefore, we can provide timely and regular software upgrades to ensure best results.  Our upgrades include functional enhancements, error corrections, adaptations to latest versions of the operating systems, and improvements for additional system devices or functionality.


Gain prioirity access to our experts and simplify your spectrum planning or management!  We offer technical support and assistance through our teams of experts via e-mail, web-services, and telephone during regular office hours (weekdays 09:00 – 16:00 CET). When required, we offer remote desktop support via Team Viewer.

If you encounter problems or have questions related to the use of our software solutions, feel free to contact us directly at [email protected]To provide quick and adequate support we kindly ask you to submit your requests in english.

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