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A high-quality network plans require reliable data of geography, population and buildings.  PROGIRA recommends the data you require to create reliable network plans. Besides, we are able to transform data into attractive maps so that you can use the power of visuals to communicate network information to your clients and stakeholders within  your organization.  With advancing technology, we can help you create digital cartography that is 3D, interactive and dynamic.

Solutions to Digital Mapping

With Esri’s ArcGIS platform , PROGIRA plan enables you to perform advanced geographical analysis of data so that your spectrum or radio-frequency network plans are accurate and reliable.  Through PROGIRA’s wealth of experience, we recommend and offer the databases required to achieve your aims.

How do you obtain the digital cartography that is needed for planning and visualization of your terrestrial networks?

How can you integrate your existing digital cartography be PROGIRA software tools?

Are you working smart and maximising your network returns with data and advanced Geographic Information System(GIS) -ArcGIS Pro?

How can you create a positive impact from your network coverage maps?

How can you help your clients know if they can receive your services wherever they are?

Do you need to communicate with investors the extensive coverage of your network?


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