We offer strategic consultancy services which help you plan, deploy and optimize your radio frequency networks successfully.


Partner with PROGIRA, staff with a team of spectrum planning and management experts, who possess a combined experience of more than 100 years in the industry.  We offer valuable insights, identify potential obstacles and unveil potential opportunities to your spectrum.   The strategic consultancy services we provide are divided into 6 fundamental areas of consideration: network coverage, frequency planning, digital dividend opportunities, network infrastructure investment strategies, frequency planning, and spectrum management.  Our aim is to to help clients achieve the results they require and maximise the returns from their spactrum. Our services are scalable and customizable so as to tailor to your evolving needs.

Network Coverage

Design and implement networks which achieve the best possible coverage strategically.

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Digital Mapping

Apply location-based analytics to the managment of your networks.

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Frequency Planning

Implement frequency plans in accordance to international or bilateral agreements.

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Infrastructure Investment Optimization

Create cost-effective approach to your network design and deployment

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Digital Dividend Possibilities

Create strategies to resolve digital dividend and optimize the allocation of spectrum.

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Spectrum Managment

Streamlines managment of spectrum, ensuring operational and cost efficiency

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A goal without a plan, is just a wish.

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Network planning and design is one of the most crucial step that is often overlooked during a broadcast network implementation process.  Even with the most advanced equipment, a poorly planned or designed network can, and in most of the time, be a huge hindrance to achieving your objectives, and ultimately achieving success.

With decreasing spectrum, increasing number of services sharing a limited spectrum space, increasing interferences and increasing demand for quality in services – accurate network planning and design has become fundamental for all network deployments.

In PROGIRA, we offer you the right tools, such as PROGIRA plan, which enables us to accurately compute network coverage through advanced propogation models. Therefore by analysing the results and the analysis of existing infrastucture, we help you make strategic decisions or investments tailored to meet your objectives which are specific to your network requirements.

With more than 20 years of experience in network planning and deisgn, we have witnessed many costly mistakes which can be avoided with professional network planning and design.

Professional planning at an early stage creates savings of up to 20% in CAPEX.  Without adopting a professional and verifiable planning methodology,  your estimates for CAPEX and OPEX will be inaccurate. You may run the risk of losing the confidence of  important stakeholders with overestimations.

By analyzing existing infrastructure, equipment and the needs before network deployment, we can avoid many costly mistakes.  The lack of planning leads to  uninformed and poor investments which does not contribute, and often present themselves as major obstacles to the success of your network.

With PROGIRA, feel confident that your network are planned and implemented efficiently and successfully.

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