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PROGIRA® plan is a spectrum planning software essential for the successful design, implementation, optimization and evaluation of radio-frequency networks.  It features a comprehensive range of powerful and fast applications that support planning for analogue and digital networks, as well as your network transition from analogue to digital.



Besides, PROGIRA plan supports spectrum planning of all analogue and digital broadcast system standards that our users need.  We follow the development of system standards closely.  Once a new standard is introduced, we implement them within PROGIRA plan as soon as we can. For instance, we have recently launched FeMBMS module which enable the users to plan FeMBMS or 5G broadcast networks.   Users can plan particular system standards, conduct simulation for various system standards that PROGIRA plan supports,  and implement transitions between different standards (such as from DVB’s DVB-T1 to DVB-T2 or ATSC’s ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0).



An open and modular design which enables careful customizations, therefore our users enjoy a greater flexibility during their spectrum engineering process.  PROGIRA plan software comprises of 5 functional modules: Base, Network Planning, Frequency Planning, Network Verification and Microwave Link Planning.  You have the freedom to select the modules necessary to tailor to your ever-evolving requirements.  In addition, you can select the type of system standards that you need for various planning projects around the world.



Extend your spectrum engineering capabilities with the powerful combination of PROGIRA plan and Esri’s ArcGIS – the world’s leading mapping and analytics software.  The planning software manages all data with ArcGIS.  ArcGIS also has the flexibility to function as a standalone, open platform to serve your other spatial analytical needs.  With ArcGIS, be confident that you will be equipped with a unique and superior set of capabilities to enhance your location-based analytics and gain valuable insights to your radio-frequency networks.  Get ready to make a difference to your radio-spectrum planning with feature-packed ArcGIS.

Why Is ArcGIS Great?


Create, edit, analyze, visualize and communicate your spectrum planning projects in 3D  since our world is 3D.  With 3D capabilities, you add another dimension to your data, bringing your analysis and visualization of your results to a next, new level.

ArcGIS Online

Limitless cartographic solutions with a complete, cloud-based GIS platform.  Access to ready-to-use maps, apps, templates and critical location information anywhere, anytime.  Instantly, and easily share maps throughout your organization.

Data Integration

ArcGIS enables you to integrates data of various formats, and sizes,  as well as from different sources.  Besides, you can gain access to a wide range of ready-to-use, high-quality, and attractive maps, as well as data from across the world with Esri’s wealth of database.

Spatial Analytics

Uses more than 1000 analytical tools, integrates massive amounts of geographical and population data for Big Data analysis and presents your results in a visually impactful way.  Plan your radio-frequency network in smarter and faster with the best location-based analytical tools.

What PROGIRA plan does?

Begin your spectrum planning workflow with the Basic Module of PROGIRA plan.

The Base Module provides a user-friendly interface with the following 4 essential steps in network planning:

Manages Data

Offers a stable and efficient platform where transmitter data from ITU, FCC, CEPT, Microsoft Excel or custom data formats can be imported,exported and filtered with ease. It also features a quick BR IFIC interface.  Moreover, import and export data from any antenna manufacture formats.  Create with 2D and 3D Antenna Pattern Editor.

Predicts Field Strengths

Calculates field strength predictions  with various radio propagation models, such as CRC Predict, IRT 2D/3D, ITU-R P.1812, ITU-R P.1546,  ITU-R P.526,  ITU-R P.368, Deygout-Assis, Longley-Rice,  Anatel 1546, Okumara-HATACOST-231, ITU-R P.526, Free Space, to name a few.  We also integrate propagation models not in our list upon request.

Sums Predictions

Performs System Independent Summations from the field strength predictions calculations to provide valuable information on your networks: the Best Server, Second Best Server, and Third Best Server in your networks.  We also let you know the number of servers in your network.


Perform Interference Search, Population Coverage Analysis, Area Coverage Analysis, and Location Analysis.  Discover the Path Profile Viewer and Coverage Map Comparisons to bring your radio-frequency network planning to the next level.

Optimize your network with a selection of advanced, functional specific modules

While the Base Module features dedicated tools to help you begin your spectrum planning, the Advanced Modules enable you to make strategic decisions to help you build and optimize networks cost-efficiently. There are 4 advanced modules available as an add-on to PROGIRA plan: Network Planning Module, Frequency Planning Module, Network Verification Module and Microwave Link Planning Module.  You can select the necessary module based on your network planning requirements. Contact us to know which modules you need in PROGIRA plan and start planning your networks.

Network Planning Module

Spectrum Planning Software

Frequency Planning Module

Spectrum Planning Software

Mapped Points from Network Verification Module

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