PROGIRA plan Version 8.0 release notes

1st Dec 2023

The PROGIRA software development team is proud to announce the release of PROGIRA plan Version 8.0.

PROGIRA® plan version 8.0 introduces major changes to the software architecture, code quality, performance and user interface. The software has been completely refactored to support the latest version of esri ArcGIS Pro (3.1.2). PROGIRA® plan version 8.0 is also compatible with ArcGIS Desktop 10.4-10.8.
Please note that PROGIRA® plan from version 8.0 is no longer compatible with esri ArcGIS Pro 2.X.

What’s New?

1. IoT repeater optimizer

The IoT optimization is a completely automated tool used to choose best locations for IoT service repeaters (base stations/gateways). The aim of this function is to determine a smallest subset of repeaters which would could receive (cover) all sensors. For more information see

2.Mask calculator

It allows calculating mask, net filter and total discriminations between two spectrum masks.

Mask calculator

3. Antenna combiner

Combine antenna patterns calculator creates a new transmitter by combining the separate antenna systems and ERP values of the two input transmitters.

4. Inter service summation

Calculates interference based on overlap of transmitter spectrum density and receiver selectivity masks.


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