PROGIRA plan Version 7.1.0 release notes

26th February 2020

The PROGIRA software development team is proud to announce the release of PROGIRA plan Version 7.1.

Version 7.1 is a major upgrade which includes the implementation of up to 22 new features, 15 fixes and 6 enhancements. A selection of new features are presented below.  Please contact us for complete document on release notes.

What’s New?

1. Color settings in antenna diagram

Users can now customize the color display on antenna diagrams for transmitters using mixed polarization in User Settings

Release Notes Version 7.1

2.Drag and drop feature when applying geographic filter

Geographic filter in Data Overview can now be set by dragging a feature layer from Table Of Contents. If the layer contains several features, user will have to specify which feature (OID) to use.

Release Notes Version 7.1

3. Supports relative values in antenna files

PROGIRA® plan now supports antenna format with relative values. The extension is “.antr”. -5

Release Notes Version 7.1


Technical parameters and protection ratios for the compatibility analysis of other primary services with broadcasting services according to ITU-R GE06 chapter 4 to annex 2 is now possible. Other primary services can be created by using the Generic transmitter type.

Release Notes Version 7.1

5. New propagation models implemented

ITU-R P.1812-5 and ITU-R P.1546-6 is now supported.

6. Interference search

Interference search is now possible ‘at noise limited contour’, as well as ‘at site’. This is a setting in many functions such as “Interference Search – Interferers”, “Interference Search – Interfered” and in frequency planning functions: Coverage Contour, Frequency scan and Interference.

Release Notes Version 7.1

7. Field strength at Site 2 (end of profile) has been added as a column in the FS profile table.

8. Users can Set position of Site 2 using Azimuth and Radius settings.

Release Notes Version 7.1

9. Polygon limited mask for area and population coverage analysis

Polygon limited mask can now be set by dragging a feature layer (polygon) from the table of contents. If the layer contains several features, user will have to specify which feature (OID) to use.

Release Notes Version 7.1

10. 5G Braodcast Sum Setup

The 5G Broadcast (FeMBMS) module is now updated with the Numerologies included in the 3GPP Release 16, i.e. the new mode using Cyclic Prefix of 300 µs in combination and 2700 µs symbol time is now included.

11. Terrain Based Coverage Contours

The percentage time wanted setting has been added in the Calculation tab.

Furthermore, the propagation models ITU-R P.1812 and ITU-R P. 526 have been added

Release Notes Version 7.1



What’s New for U.S. Users?

  • Able to import transmitter data that has been exported from TVstudy

  • FCC Search enables searching for victims based on FCC distance rules.
  • “Remove duplicates for single scenario” function is implemented to enable most recent FCC entries used in FCC wizard to create a single scenario.
  • Result table has been expanded, information about “Undesired” and column names are changed in accordance with TVStudy.

  • Users can select potential victims (culling distances) according to FCC OET69 distances
  • Possibility to reduce the initial subset of potential victims found to those which are really affected, using terrain data

  • FCC propagation model is now supported

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