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PROGIRA plan Version 7.3.0 release notes

11th November 2021

The PROGIRA software development team is proud to announce the release of PROGIRA plan Version 7.3.

PROGIRA® plan version 7.3 is a major upgrade with many new features and improvements. It has support for the latest ESRI ArcGIS Desktop version (10.8.1) and is fully functional in ArcGIS Pro version 2.8.3. Please contact us for complete document on release notes.

What’s New?

1. New planning parameters provider

Planning parameters provider LTE based 5G Broadcast EBU Tech Report 063.

2.Support for GSM/UMTS transmitters

You can now create GSM and UMTS transmitters. In PROGIRA plan settings, the frequency bands for the systems can be defined.

3. ITU-R P.452

ITU-R P.452-16 and ITU-R P.452-17 propagation models have been added. These models covers frequencies from about 0.1 GHz to 50 GHz.

4. Field strength conversions

The following field strength conversions functions are added in this release:

1. Convert to RSRP dBm (RSRP = Reference Signal Received Power)

2. Convert to S/N. Conversion can be made by sensitivity or by thermal noise

3. Convert to dBm

5. Unique contribution of each transmitter in a DTT Single Frequency network

One of the new features in the upgrade is a function to accurately quantify unique contribution of each transmitter in a DTT Single Frequency network, SFN. The new function will work with all DTT systems, such as ATSC 3.0, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T etc.


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