Mats Ek

Mats Ek

Technical Director

Mats is one of the founders of PROGIRA®. He has been active in the broadcasting industry since 1989 when he joined Teracom, the national broadcast network provider in Sweden. He has been involved in system standardisation of DAB within the Eureka-147 project as well as in the standardisation of the DVB-T system, in particular in the design of the OFDM based RF-system. From 1991 he has primarily been active in the area of Network and Frequency planning.

Within this capacity he has actively worked in the definition of network planning guidelines for digital broadcast systems, within international forums such as CEPT, EBU and ITU-R. He has been a project manager for the development of network and frequency planning software within Teracom AB as well a number verification and measurement projects during his time at Teracom. He has also been extensively involved in the planning of the DAB and DVB-T networks in Sweden and the Netherlands, in particular in DVB-T SFN optimization. He has also been working in the switchover planning from analogue to digital TV. Recently Mats was also active in the creation of an EBU DVB-T2 planning guideline. Mats is active member of two EBU technical working groups related to Broadcast planning and the technical issues related to the digital dividend.

Mats has actively taken part in number of frequency planning conferences such as DAB Wiesbaden 1995 (WI95), DVB-T in Chester 1997 (CH97) and ITU-R RRC (GE06) 2004/2006.

Recently he has been working in the following projects:

  • DVB-T2 Network and Frequency Planning project in Malaysia
  • DVB-T and ISDB-T Network Planning project in Philippines
  • Study on Frequency Reuse and General Infrastructure Options for DTT Transmission Networks in Europe
  • DVB-T Network Planning project in Poland
  • DVB-T2 Network and Frequency Planning project in Iceland
  • DVB-T/T2 and T-DAB Network Planning project in Denmark
  • T-DAB Network Planning project in UK
  • Studies on increased FM coverage in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands
  • Framework for licensing of broadcast services in Denmark
  • Interference studies between UMTS/LTE and DVB-T
  • Second opinion on DVB-T/H SFN network in the Netherlands

Mats holds an M.Sc.EE (Electronic Engineering) in 1986 from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.