Empower ATSC 3.0 Networks with PROGIRA plan

Empower ATSC 3.0 Networks with PROGIRA plan

With the advent of OFDM-based ATSC 3.0 standard, content transmission through single frequency networks (SFN) is now a possibility.  Since the adoption of SFN relate to better coverage, lesser interference and the more efficient use of frequencies; there is a push for the broadcast industry to implement SFN designs.  Nevertheless,  deploying SFN with the latest ATSC 3.0 meant that previous planning solutions which only predict network field strengths is insufficient to meet the requirements for SFN planning.  Unless broadcast consultants are willing to spend excessive amounts of time conducting manual calculations (which is simply not the case for most of us within the industry); a software solution with powerful modeling toolset is essential for the successful and efficient deployments of broadcast networks.  Since PROGIRA’s partnership with Acrodyne Services in 2016, broadcast engineers in North America has been taking advantage of PROGIRA plan’s advanced planning capabilities.  Kessler and Gehman Associates (KGA), a professional telecommunications consulting engineering firm based in Florida, is one of them who has included PROGIRA plan in their broadcast planning workflow. KGA was adopting PROGIRA plan a year ago in March 2019.

“The main benefit of Progira is the amount of time we save in planning SFN sites,” said Ryan Wilhour, consulting engineer at KGA. Besides making broadcast network planning less time consuming, other PROGIRA plan benefits lauded by users include its smooth integration with Esri‘s GIS platform – ArcGIS.

Read more about how PROGIRA plan is making a significant positive impact on the planning of ATSC 3.o networks from TV Technology and The Broadcast Bridge.

ATSC 3.O Network planning with PROGIRA plan in the News

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