PROGIRA selected for ATSC 3.0 Network Planning

PROGIRA selected for ATSC 3.0 Network Planning

PROGIRA plan is now used by Kessler and Gehman Associates (KGA) and Meintel, Sgrignoli and Wallace (MSW) as the choice solution for their ATSC 3.0 network planning projects.   An official press release was recently published on Radio and Television Business Report by Acrodyne Services.  Since 2016, PROGIRA has been partnering with Acrodyne Services  to offer advanced broadcast network planning and design solutions to North America. “As more and more US Broadcasters make plans to launch ATSC 3.0, the need for an effective solution to predict true reception probabilities throughout a service area has become paramount.” said Andy Whiteside, General Manager of Acrodyne Services and President of Dielectric. PROGIRA plan aptly fills the growing need as more begin to consider implementing ATSC 3.0.  It is able to predict field strengths accurately and evaluate reception probability for a variety of receive conditions, including fixed, mobile and indoor situations, from a conventional single stick broadcast facility or a Single Frequency Network (SFN).

Representatives from both KGA and MSW recently deep-dived into PROGIRA plan during a 4-day training session conducted jointly by technical experts, Mats Ek from PROGIRA and Bill Soreth from Acrodyne Services.  Bill Godfrey of  KGA commented “It was difficult to pull away from the office for four days of training in another state with the repack at full throttle; but there is an extraordinary level of interest in ATSC 3.0 and SFNs, since this is the future of broadcast. The objective is always to provide “real-world” engineering based on actual measurements rather than predictions and that is why we made the commitment to purchase the PROGIRA® plan software and attend the training.  Since the training took place several weeks ago, we have already completed multiple rounds of studies for a five-station, ATSC 3.0 SFN in a major market and we have additional markets in the queue.  The level of training provided by the Progira and Acrodyne staff allowed us to ramp-up quickly and our clients are extremely pleased since most of them are ready to get started immediately”.

Dennis Wallace, Managing Partner of MSW added “Meintel, Sgrignoli, & Wallace is pleased to add PROGIRA® plan to our SFN design tool arsenal.  Many broadcasters are exploring the addition of SFN’s as part of their ATSC 3.0 planning.  The PROGIRA® plan software enables us to provide efficient and accurate propagation prediction modeling, including identifying and eliminating SFN self-interference, thus facilitating our design of SFN’s to meet clients’ coverage and service goals.”

Please see official press release in Mediantek and Radio+Television Business Report, by Acrodyne Services.


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