Mats spoke about eMBMS, FeMBMS and 5G in ABU DBS 2019

Mats spoke about eMBMS, FeMBMS and 5G in ABU DBS 2019

All spotlights are on the latest generation of mobile communications 5G lately and talk about 6G has already emerged.  There have been tons of interest on the subject of broadcasting radio and TV channels in 5G.   The implications will undoubtedly be enormous when millions of smartphones and tablets around the world may one day be able to receive TV and radio programs.  During ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium, several speakers, such as Dr. Peter Siebert, Head of Technology for DVB and Mats Ek, Technical Director of PROGIRA, took the opportunity to share their insights on this hot topic.

Are you ready for 5G in Broadcasting?

During the session on Technologies & Standards: New Developments and the Next Wave, Mats asked some hard questions.  ‘Will 5G, eMBMS, FeMBMS be the next broadcast standard?’ and, essentially ‘Are we ready to broadcast in 5G?’ Before answering these questions, Mats explained briefly the backgrounds and differences between these acronyms.  He also shared the latest updates in the development of eMBMS.  Perhaps that which captured the most attention was the data from a technical, comparative analysis between DVB-T2 and FeMBMS. Besides using numbers in the comparisons, Mats was also able to simulate the coverage of FeMBMS versus DVB-T2. This is possible with PROGIRA’s radio-frequency network planning tool – PROGIRA plan.  The conclusions may not be what many of us has expected, as the data suggested that the performance of 5G pales in comparison with DVB-T2.  Nevertheless, there still remains significant enthusiasm on broadcasting in 5G within the industry.  To help our clients embrace the future, PROGIRA has already taken concrete steps to enable PROGIRA plan users to conduct analysis and plan in 5G.

Due to the the huge interest in this subject, and our commitment to help you stay in the forefront of technological developments, we would have Mats share more data and technical information on this subject in the coming months. So please stay tune to more news!

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