Spectrum Planning just got Simpler!

Spectrum Planning just got Simpler!

PROGIRA®  is introducing a brand-new – PROGIRA® plan for Server.  It does what PROGIRA® plan does essentially, only effortlessly, by automating repetitive tasks during spectrum planning. It also makes sharing of results easy. PROGIRA® anticipates this latest introduction is going to please harried broadcast engineers.  Afterall, PROGIRA® plan for Server is designed to meet users’ demands.

Spectrum and broadcast network planners face many challenges today.  One of them is the issue of digital dividend when networks are planned on a lesser spectrum, and frequency reuse is getting tighter.   Planners are managing higher levels of interferences and confronting more significant risks of losing their network coverage.  Increasingly, planning needs to be more accurate and detailed. Therefore, the planning process can be potentially laborious and time-consuming.  While PROGIRA plan has been an answer to this challenge, PROGIRA’s focus over the years has been developing solutions that simplify the process of spectrum and network planning.  The team spends a lot of time talking to users within the broadcast industry to understand their needs.

More and more users demand accurate spectrum and network analysis that can be performed efficiently, and network interference can be identified almost instantly. The ideal system calculates the impact of these interferences and provides strategies to address them quickly. Further, these results and strategy can be shared very quickly with all team members. With all these requirements in mind, PROGIRA® saw the opportunity to develop a solution, PROGIRA® plan for Server, to meet users’ demands.  Just by uploading the data required for analysis, PROGIRA® plan for Server automatically generates the results so that users know the pain points and bottlenecks of the networks. Swiftly, strategies can be devised and implemented to maintain coverage requirements consistently.  Just a few clicks can achieve all these.  Essentially,  PROGIRA® plan for server takes out a lot of the manual work of network and frequency planning.

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