What are the top must-haves when you manage your spectrum?

What are the top must-haves when you manage your spectrum?

Manage your spectrum the right way.

As we are counting down to the official launch of PROGIRA manger, we asked our chief software developer, Kestutis Lumbis, more about the design and creation of PROGIRA manager.  Specifically, we want to know what are the must-haves when busy clients like you, manage your spectrum. Kestutis has a unique background.  With more than ten years of experience in both spectrum management and software development, he is the perfect person to be responsible for the development of PROGIRA manager.  As he would say in his own words, he hoped that his work ‘will benefit from the synergy of all his experiences.  It will be a product designed by an experienced spectrum manager for spectrum managers’.  Indeed, it will be.

In fact, the creation of a spectrum management system began with Kestutis working on his ultimate spectrum management tool as a personal project.  He wanted to create a system that himself, as an experienced spectrum manager will wish for. The latest PROGIRA manger to be launched is a result of years of development, improvements from original ideas, and numerous times when he had to begin from scratch.  Over time, Kestutis has accumulated a more mature understanding of the requirements of an ultimate spectrum management system for the global market.  He aims not just to meet, but exceed spectrum managers’ expectations.

PROGIRA manager is packed with features. The focus was to create a spectrum management system with a modern user interface that offers users an ultimate experience when they manage their spectrum.  We asked Kestutis a tough question, what are his top 3 favorite features? Here are they,

  1. The possibility of tracking the complete history of frequency assignments/allotments.

  2. Fully integrated workflows.

  3. Multilingual capability.

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Kestutis Lumbis

Kestutis Lumbis is the chief developer for PROGIRA manager – PROGIRA’s automated spectrum management system.