Using ArcGIS Pro in your spectrum planning projects

Using ArcGIS Pro in your spectrum planning projects

Since the release of Version 7.0 in May 2019, PROGIRA plan has been supporting the use of ArcGIS Pro in the beta version.  With the release of Version 7.1, PROGIRA plan no longer only supports ArcGIS Pro in the beta version.  We are proud to announce full compatibility of ArcGIS Pro Version 2.5. User can now get started with using ArcGIS Pro in their spectrum planning projects.

There are several reasons why users may want to switch to ArcGIS Pro.  One of which is its 3D capabilities. 3D enable users to view and analyze data in various angles.  With PROGIRA plan and ArcGIS Pro, users can easily present network coverage in 3D as static images, or even video.

Another advantage pointed out by our network planning specialists is ArcGIS Pro’s ability to support multiple maps and layouts in one project.  The flexibility of displaying multiple geographical data and layouts result in a more efficient workflow. Users experience an enhanced organization and display of data. Views are dockable and they can be synched.

Moreover, new users will find the ArcGIS Pro and PROGIRA plan interface more intuitive and user-friendly. While existing PROGIRA plan users may still be considering the switch to using ArcGIS Pro, our experts at PROGIRA has prepared a quick guide to help you get started.

Take a look at how you acquaint yourself with ArcGIS Pro with you quick video guide here:


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