Planning 5G Broadcast Networks

Planning 5G Broadcast Networks

With PROGIRA’s implementation of 5G Broadcast (FeMBMS) module, the designing and planning of 5G Broadcast networks have moved beyond the hype to become a reality.  The development of 5G Broadcast module by PROGIRA meets the emerging requirements of broadcast network planners around the world, who are looking to seize the new possibilities 5G shall present.  This development in PROGIRA plan is timely, as broadcasters are beginning to examine opportunities of wider content distribution to mobile devices through the 5G technology.

During ABU Digital Broadcast Symposium 2020 held in Kuala Lumpur, Pavel Kokoshka, Regional Sales Manager for PROGIRA, demonstrated the requirements and capacity of 5G broadcast networks through a case study on behalf of Technical Director, Mats Ek.  The presentation briefly illustrated the approach taken to investigate how existing broadcasting infrastructure in Denmark can be utilized to provide handheld reception with 5G broadcast 3GPP according to release 16.  Such investigations are possible with PROGIRA plan which is capable of performing 5G Broadcast (FeMBMS) network simulations.  Since the presentation, PROGIRA has received loads of interest and enquiries among our network planners in the industry.  Therefore, we have published our project on the adoption of 5G Broadcast with existing broadcast infrastructure on our new website, under Resources. This case study will help our users understand the practical considerations when planning to adopt the 5G broadcast technology. It is perhaps an important first step for broadcaster, when building the business case on 5G.  The case study can be accessed below.

Click here to read more about how PROGIRA plan 5G Broadcast Networks.

5g broadcast planning presentation
Pavel presenting at ABU DBS 2020

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