What’s in store for Version 7.1?

What’s in store for Version 7.1?

On February 26th, PROGIRA announced the release of Version 7.1 for PROGIRA plan.  Since then, PROGIRA plan users across the globe have been upgrading safely to the latest, from their older versions. Version 7.1 is a major upgrade since up to 22 new features were introduced in the latest version 7.1 of PROGIRA plan.  On top of that, PROGIRA has included 15 fixes and 6 enhancements to ensure that the performance of PROGIRA plan meets the expectations of  users across the globe. The new features in Version 7.1 were described on our website in ‘PROGIRA plan Version 7.1.0 release notes’. All our users would have already received the complete release notes which cover in details all bug fixes and enhancements as well.

5G Broadcast Module

One of the most exciting features implemented in Version 7.1  was perhaps the 5G Broadcast (FeMBMS) module.  Although users of PROGIRA plan can already plan FeMBMS networks since early last year, PROGIRA  implemented the latest upgrades to the 5G Broadcast standard in accordance with the3GPP Release 16 to Version 7.1.  Therefore, users can rest assured that the sum setups performed with our 5G Broadcast module will align with the latest changes in standards.  The upgrade to the 5G Broadcast module entails that numerologies the 3GPP Release 16, i.e. the new mode using Cyclic Prefix of 300 µs in combination and 2700 µs symbol time is now included. PROGIRA plan 5G Broadcast module is primed for the planning of 5G Broadcast networks now or in the future, as PROGIRA is continuously tracking the latest changes in 5G broadcast standards.  Besides, this is possible through PROGIRA’s membership of the 5G-MAG group.  Users can feel confident that they have the tools to plan 5G broadcast networks when the need arises.

New Features for FCC Coordination Procedure

PROGIRA plan users from the U.S.A will see significant improvements in their planning as PROGIRA introduced several new features and fixes aimed to enhance PROGIRA plan’s overall usability in conjunction with the FCC coordination processes.  A dedicated section which describes all the new features for users from U.S.A is presented on our webpage here.

Full Support  for ArcGIS Pro Version 2.5

Furthermore, to ensure our users reap the best benefits from utilizing the world’s leading GIS platform – Esri, version 7.1 is compatible with not just ArcGIS Desktop Version 10.8, and also ArcGIS Pro Version 2.5.  To help our clients explore the advantages of ArcGIS Pro, we have recently published a video guide to help everyone get started!

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